Transforming Alabama’s Technology Infrastructure

Secure. Compliant. Interconnected.

AUBix is a secure and compliant multi-tenant data center fueling business growth, igniting economic development, supporting academic research and development, and enabling digital transformation in Alabama and beyond. The proximity to AUBix’s hybrid cloud infrastructure, highly available and scalable platform, and high-speed internet allows organizations to reduce latency and improve the customer experience.

Partners in AI- enabled data center

Alabama business, education and research institutions can now benefit from the capabilities of AUBix, the state’s first NVIDIA-certified, AI-enabled data center. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming business, education and research. Leveraging that technology doesn’t require weighty capital investments or remote access. It’s here, now, at AUBix.

Accelerating Possibilities Across Alabama

We are committed to creating opportunity in the local communities where we live, work, and play.

Regional Communities

We enable and support economic growth through state-of-the-art, mission-critical digital infrastructure for underserved regional marketplaces and communities.

Global Connectivity

By enabling digital transformation and high-speed connections, we allow businesses in rural communities to compete effectively in global marketplaces.

Bridging the Education Gap


Since opening its doors, AUBix worked closely with higher education institutions to deliver digital workforce training. This culminated in the creation of the Alabama Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (AAICE), a public-private partnership based in Auburn. AAICE is delivering digital workforce training and bringing technology parity to traditionally underserved rural areas and students.

Economic Impact

AUBix is partnering with state and local governments and industries across Alabama to create high-paying technology jobs and help accelerate the ongoing digital transformation of businesses. We serve the broader region as a technology hub complementing our community’s leading position in quality of life, access to a trained workforce, and highly rated public schools.








Partners in Progress

We partner for joint success with carriers, cloud providers, content delivery networks (CDNs), integrators, and managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver the best overall experience to our data center customers.

How can our technology help you reach your full potential?