Power Dense and Built to Perform


Dense power and cooling technology

Our high-density power and cooling technology can maximize your resources for high compute workloads such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), research, or gaming. High Performance Computing (HPC) and supercomputers drive demand for faster compute, storage, and networking. Customer computes, and storage volumes become more difficult to manage and afford as enterprise data continues to explode.

High-Density Colocation 

Businesses with high compute workloads benefit from our high-density colocation services in multiple ways. Our engineering staff will work with you to design the most efficient solution. AUBix’s available resources include single cabinets, multiple networked cabinets, and full custom suites with up to a megawatt of power. 

Optimize Space

AUBix can assist with designing your rack configuration to consolidate hardware and reduce cabinet count while maintaining airflow efficiency and cooling

Flexibility and Scalability

AUBix will help you engineer your cabinet design to achieve better flexibility and scale, including evaluating power and cooling demands and recommending cabinet cooling augmentation if necessary

Greater Return on Investment

Fewer high-density cabinets help reduce cabling and power costs, and are part of rack solutions that maximize your hardware, software, and services investments