An Integral Part of a Modern Data Center


Interconnect to an ecosystem of networks and partners

At AUBix, you have a choice of fiber-based Network Service Providers and partners within the data center. Cross-connects facilitate a point-to-point physical fiber connection between your business and the networks and service providers of your choice. This service includes direct access to numerous local, regional, and global networks and internet exchanges. Interconnection enables cost-efficient, high-speed, low latency access that supports the ability to conduct business globally. 

In addition, Network Service Providers can interconnect with each other within our Meet Me Room (MMR) to peer internet traffic between networks. This physical network peering creates an internet exchange that reduces costs, improves performance, and accelerates traffic across the internet. 


A cross-connect enables the direct point-to-point access to Network Service Providers, partners, and cloud providers within the data center. 

Access to Critical Partners

Multiple connectivity options

Simple to Order with Quick Deployment

Secure private connections

Improved Performance

Lower latency over direct private connections

IP Bandwidth

Customers benefit from dedicated, highly available internet access with fixed and burstable choices.        

Flexible Bandwidth - Burstable

Service ranges from 100 MB to 10 GB

Customer Commitments and Thresholds

Predictable costs, no penalty rates, and customer sets minimum commitment

Cloud On-Ramps

Cloud on-ramps provide direct access to public clouds allowing low latency access. Customers use high-speed fiber cross-connects to establish point-to-point physical access to Network Service Providers’ cloud on-ramp services.   

Cloud On-Ramps

Choice of service providers for low latency direct connections to public cloud providers AWS, Google, Oracle, and Microsoft Azure, dramatically improving internet applications in edge markets

Direct Access to Leading Hyperscale Providers

Hyper-scale data center cloud services offer scalable connectivity for performance enhancements that reduce latency while increasing speed, delivering increased usability and greater agility

Internet Exchange Capabilities

Network Service Providers within a data center often use cross-connects between their networks to exchange or “peer” internet traffic. AUBix hosts diverse Network Service Providers who interconnect their networks in a secure location called a Meet Me Room (MMR).

More Efficient Internet

Greater choice of NSP’s creates more efficient internet routes, resulting in lower cost, reduced latency, and improved performance.


Network Service Providers

We partner for joint success with industry-leading fiber networks to deliver the highest quality of service to our data center customers. Contact us for a full list of available network providers.