Accelerating Your Digital Infrastructure


Flexible and scalable data center solutions from a cabinet to a megawatt

Today’s IT executives expect in-house expertise, flexibility, and scale from their data center partner, as well as a willingness to work with their constantly changing power requirements, strict security, and access to public clouds. As a result, the AUBix facility is built to the industry’s leading compliance with expandable power-dense cabinets, suites, and cages available to support the most demanding High Performance Compute environments.

We built a fully connected edge platform so you can run your business your way

AUBix empowers organizations to quickly and reliably interconnect to customers, partners, and providers with local, national, and global access. The AUBix data center accelerates global connectivity to the local edge providing competitive advantages not previously seen in rural markets.

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Access to Cloud Providers

AUBix aims to level the playing field by providing edge market customers in southeast Alabama and other areas access to resources equivalent to Tier 1 market data centers. These resources include direct access via cloud on-ramps from multiple global and national fiber providers, which opens a new market for cloud providers while lowering costs and improving the quality-of-service levels.

Diversified Fiber Routes

Diversified fiber routes to cloud providers allow for greater network capacity and create demand from underserved markets.

Edge Connectivity

AUBix’s colocation facility interconnects cloud providers’ direct network access to local fiber providers’ core routers, improving access for rural business districts and consumers.

Cloud Availability Zones

Aggregating and distributing the region’s local and long-haul network traffic is strategic for underserved rural areas, enabling cloud providers to expand their service offerings across availability zones.

Financial Services benefit from low latency and secure interconnected colocation

The continued growth of the digital economy incentivizes financial services companies to upgrade their platforms and rely on AUBix. The secure and compliant data center ensures that critical infrastructure and applications operate in low latency, high-performance environments.

Compliance and security in highly interconnected colocation for Healthcare Providers mitigates risk and improves patient care

Always-on, business-critical healthcare applications are protected in a state-of-the-art data center built with the highest levels of cybersecurity to achieve HIPAA compliance.


Autonomous Farming, Manufacturing, and IOT require high speed, low latency, and proximity compute 

The AUBix data center significantly enhances the digitization of factory floor manufacturing and autonomous farming techniques that revolutionize production while lowering costs.

Empowering technology, research, and growth at the University level 

Across all industries and government agencies, demand is skyrocketing for highly trained and educated researchers to complete work using complex computer models run on high-performance computing infrastructure under strict cybersecurity compliance.