Flexible and Secure Solutions


Get the right space, power, and network connectivity to manage your IT infrastructure

AUBix provides a wide range of cabinet, cage, and suite solutions to meet your IT requirements. Our engineering team will assist you in designing a flexible, scalable solution that is cost-effective and in budget. AUBix colocation services increase reliability, improve performance, and provide a predictable cost while reducing the complexity of managing critical IT infrastructure.

Our skilled team is available to support every aspect of your migration, move, upgrade, or scale-out of IT infrastructure, including scaling up your infrastructure with HPC platforms through high power density. AUBix is ready to partner with you to meet your IT infrastructure needs today and in the future.

Secure Cabinets

Our secure cabinets support IT compute, storage, and networking equipment that grow with you as your needs increase.   

Dedicated Lockable Cabinets

Safe lock options including combinations and biometrics

Flexible Power Density

Upgradeable, redundant, and power-dense

High Capacity Cabinets

Engineered airflow with hot aisle containment


Colocation cages provide secure solutions for multiple networked cabinets where added security is required and can grow from a few networked cabinets to a larger footprint with up to a megawatt of power draw.

Power Density Solutions

Manage high-density applications efficiently

Flexible Design

Segment IT environment and maximize ventilation

Physical Separation

Partition workloads for security 


Gain the benefits of a world-class IT environment without the buildout costs, construction, engineering and maintenance expenses with a custom, dedicated space that is your private data center within a mission-critical facility.

Dedicated Custom Design and Monitoring

Engineered floor plan, surveillance, and monitoring controls

Customized Connectivity and Power Options

Determine optimal network access and power density

Dedicated Environmental Controls

Manage optimal cooling, heat exchange, and humidity