Efficiently Manage Secure On-Premise Infrastructure with Agile Cloud Access and Scalability


The confidence to future-proof your business within the optimal environment

AUBix allows customers to leverage private clouds, public clouds, and modern architectures to optimize existing and new applications.

Consistency of colocation with the flexibility of cloud

AUBix enables hybrid colocation solutions engineered to support your strategic initiatives, including on-premise infrastructure, private clouds, and public clouds. AUBix can strategically deploy enterprise workloads on any of these environments based on cost, control, scalability, and access.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure combines the benefits of an on-premises private cloud with one or more public cloud services. Hybrid cloud provides businesses with greater flexibility to move workloads between infrastructure as costs fluctuate.


On-Premises IT Infrastructure

Control, security, and compliance are all benefits that support on-premises IT infrastructure, with an added benefit of cost containment

Private Cloud

Customer-owned equipment operating in virtual environments leveraging hyper-converged infrastructure typically are high compute workloads that may require increased power density and cooling technology

Public Clouds

Direct access to public cloud on-ramps provides added flexibility to applications and workloads requiring on-demand scale and agility

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Gain improved on-demand scalability and control with increased agility