Point Broadband formed in 2017 with a mission to improve lives by delivering 100% fiber networks and best in class customer service to underserved areas of rural America. Through our partnerships with communities and local utility companies, we’ve helped stoke economic development and allowed small-town businesses and families to enjoy a level of connectivity normally only found in big cities.



Point Broadband Partnership

Partner and Network Solutions

Point Broadband is pleased to offer the area’s only all-fiber network from Opelika, through Auburn, and into AUBix. Customers seeking connectivity to AUBix along our network will be able to access the cloud via a symmetrical Internet connection ranging from 200Mbps x 200 Mbps up to 1Gbps, and beyond if needed. With fiber, Point is able to offer subscribers.

Alternatively, enterprise customers can access the AUBix site via private, redundant connections ranging from 200 Mbps to 100Gbps. Enterprise customers can use these connections to access their hosted IT platforms or simply choose between multiple high-speed internet providers, including Point Broadband, at competitive rates.

Enterprise customers can also take advantage of a range of digital voice services:

  • Individual phone lines
  • SIP trunking
  • hosted VoIP solutions
  • Multi-location unified services

For customers outside of the Auburn/Opelika area, Point Broadband is rapidly expanding its network from Eufala to Piedmont and all points in between using a $50M subsidy from the federal government. Point is matching this subsidy with a $50M capital investment of its own to complete a $100M fiber build through eight countries. Every home or business along the proposed route will have the ability to reach the cloud, or the AUBix data center, with a fast, reliable, direct fiber connection.

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Opelika, Alabama